The Cream Will Rise to the Top. I Like what you’re wearing Charleston

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Cream of the Crop

Cream of the crop – whipped real good! See what the stylites of town do when out and about or even when staying in. Then marvel at the levels people will go to remain the highly charged cream of the crop. There is no reason why everyone can’t make like the chargers and claw their way to the top. The modernist cooking will go well with the modernist looking – so let us show you how to get to the top of the greased pole! There is one blog where the charger are abundant and it really can be said that fashion will meet food – and style will certainly win in the end! fashionmeetsfood.com

Cream Chargers

Go on – dare to be different. Why be the same as everyone else mix’n’match if you love fashion chargers. The cream will rise and nobody want to drown down at the bottom now do they? So if you want to say the I love what you are wearing then now is always the best time to get styled and funky. Making it easy on yourself by cycling and recycling the cream chargers has to be the best way to go about liking what you’re wearing. Just like the whipped cream upon the cake, the dress you wear will make you bigger and better. Just like the cream chargers to speed up the creation of the whipped cream – so will Charleston speed up your fashion-self to turn you into a stylista. So perhaps this link will inspire your taste buds the same way that Charleston may inspire your clothing. creamchargers.org.uk


discount cream
discount cream

Cat that got the Cream

What is that smile on your face – you must be the cat that got the cream, so why not lick your lips before diving in for some more of the good stuff? If you want to be the style-pussy and get the opposition whipped then you really need the no-nonsense, full fat variety of the white stuff. The cat licks his own lips but we think that cream chargers will help you find someone else to do the licking for you. After all who would want to get whipped alone? So where better to go to seek out the independent advice?Independent